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Fished for hours from shore. I had two poles out the entire time as well as one each for the little kids. We used the following:

- Pink Tasmanian Devils
- Fly's with casting bobber (caddis and other caddis variations)
- night crawlers, red salmon eggs, yellow salmon eggs, power bait fished at all kinds of depths with bobbers as well as fished on the bottoms.
- Silver, gold, and sliver/blue Kastmasters.

Multiple locations on all of this. The water looked a little murky close to shore and clearer further out.

I caught one tiny trout on a worm with a bobber. The other fish was caught almost on accident. My son (6) had casted out about 5 feet with a worm on and left it there for 2 hours while he played around on the edge of the lake. I told the kids "let's go" and my 7 year old little sister reeled in the line with the tiniest trout I have ever seen on it.

So, don't go there.
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