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Windsor Lake

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Does anybody know anything about Windsor Lake? It is just north of Windsor and I read an article about the future plans of the lake as a warm water fishery, but haven't seen any recent info. Does anyone know what is planned for the lake, or the progress of the plans?
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I've been wondering about Windsor Lake for a while, too. I've passed by it dozens of times on the way to Frank Easement but never fished it.

finkyfever, did the article (I'm guessing Windsor Tribune?) say what species were stocked? It just looks like it could develop into a good wiper and walleye lake.
Here is an article in the Windsor Tribune with some good info.

There was a good article about a year ago with the future plans of the lake somewhere on the internet, but I can't find it. If I find it i'll post it. I just can't find much new info.
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