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I saw a comment that above that I think we should all keep in mind, fish have to eat. However, the way in which they eat is completely differant then most bassfisherman are used to. Finding exactly where fish are located is probably the most important factor in catching bass in the winter. When you think you've located some fish, you pretty much have to put the fly or whatever right infront of their nose. They will not give chase to anything. Having said that, expect very soft takes. In a near by lake I will drag a crayfish pattern on a sinktip very slowly behind a bellyboat on the first drop off from the dam. I will work parralel to the dam unitl I get a hit. I then stick in that same spot and give very slow dragging type retrieves with the line. Very slow methodical fishing and not very exciting. I guess you'll just have to decide if its worth it. 9 out of 10 times I decide its not and go trouting.
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