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I have my best luck on a 3 inch white mister twister ;); maybe as big as a 1/4 oz head. (depending on depth)
use atleast 6 pound test, they can get big.

I don't usually use them; but I bet minnows would be a good bet too.

I used to hit bonnie(dam) and nee noshe(chase them) I think, maybe nee grande

I remember one time at neenoshe we were chasing the birds that were chasing the shad i think, that were getting chased by the wipers to the surface.
havn't been to either in years thou.
I hear cherry creek has some(correct me if i'm wrong). never caught any thou.
I wanna say last year they were pulling 10 pounders out!

I would suggest getting into wipers; great fighting fish.

BTW IF you use a float tube, be careful. those mother @#%#%@# will poke a hole in your tube with their spines; or we think thats what happened to my dads tube anyway.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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