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World Record Perch

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Saw this article and thought I'd share!

Idaho Girl Ices World Record Perch

I was already wanting to try fishing for perch when I came across this article... now I REALLY want to go!
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I didn't see the article mention if they kept it or released it. Imagine releasing a world record fish to have someone catch it the next year and beat you!

You are right, that is a monster perch!

I believe the Idaho girl set the record for the tip-up category within its ice fishing division.
Thats a very fat Yellow Perch.
Nice that a kid caught it.
Must be a productive lake.
Heres some even bigger ones!!!

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And Slayer's dad with a stiffy of a 9 lber!

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zman you gave me a good chuckle this morning!
Heres some even bigger ones!!!

Don't name the lake! The Iron Range couldn't handle the pressure!;D;D
Eskimo 24 inch manual or with optional mule/oxen circular harness...mule and oxen sold seperately...
Hey Z -lets do a 1-dayer to Cascade saturday!
Spent over (25) years living in the area not far from the lake that this young lady caught this big Perch in. I never caught anything that big Perch wise out of Cascade Reservoir, but, I do know there are some big ones in there. What a thrill it must have been for her and her family!
Heres some even bigger ones!!!

Chatty kicked out some great ones last year! Too bad it wasn't at the Ice Addiction tourney!
Very cool - especially since it was a youngster who got it - way to go !!

Thanks for posting this :)
new state record perch caught last week at Cascade, right under 3 lbs......hogs!
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