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1st huck at 730am, last huck at 430pm. In between was a day of Epic proportions. I think we had like 3 fish by 1030, then I figured them out. Went from working the bottom like the worm boys were doing to fast jigging/ ripping in the upper few feet. Blades, twisters, and jerkbaits all worked at times. Fish were suspended and aggressive. Worm boys tried dragging around us but only got some shorts while we were doing multiple triples of keepah sized fish. In fact, one of the WORMBOYS caught a Bullhead then just SLAMMED it hard back into the lake. Freekin LOSER!:mad:

Bro had 4 eyes that totaled over 8 feet in length. 27,26,23,22. I finally pulled a 27" outta my ars late. Scott had multiple 20" eyes hell we all did. I doubt we had more than 20 fish UNDER 17 inches. Total was like 140 or so. Missed that many, I can always tell when Im around 40-50 fish my arm starts to get tired.;D

We did a little bloodletting in the boat, I have 4 visible scars that bled. I got a big treble in my hand so bro ripped it out with the pliers only to get the trailing treble buried in his hand. So I got to return the favor and jerk the treble outta his meat! Great fun!;D

Pounding fish on light gear (6lb, ML) is where it's at! And no bait!

1 - 20 of 51 Posts
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