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Wot a stoopid thin to do !!!!

In anticipation of going to Christmas Is in June to SWFF got out all my gear to see what might be suitable to take.

Very little it would seem as apparently freshwater rods, reels, lines etc. are not suited to warm SW fishing because :-

Rods .... am told need a fighting butt, also a fore grip as fish are mainly fought with rod almost horizontal & strikes
to set he hook are implemented by tugging the line hard rather than lifting the rod.

Reels .... very few if any have an adequate drag or line capacity, plus FW rods not normally made to cope with SW
re corrosion etc

Lines .... It would seem FW lines are not suited to tropical conditions as the warm water soon soften them to a point
it is akin to trying to cast a soggy, soft noodle. Likewise I am told that SW lines suited to the tropics are near useless
in cold water as they stiffen up to a point where they are almost like steel wire to cast.

Anyway back to the point of this post :- In the course of perusing my gear took all 12 of my rods out of their tubes
& covers then managed to get the various sections mixed up !!!!!!!

Bloody hell .... reckon there would be a better chance of wining lotto than managing to match up all the sections again,
as took umpteen hours & still not absolutely certain they are 100% right !

Hmnn ... they say we get smarter with age, but right now I would dispute that !!

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Don't feel like the Lone Ranger

At work today I looked high and low for a part I had taken out of the box. Looked on the sales floor, the shop, asked fellow employees if they had seen it.

In my rummaging in the shop I moved the shipping box and there it was. I had taken it out of the box, laid it on a shelf, then set the empty box on top of it.
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