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Thats a tough one, there are a million options out there as far as gear to choose from.  As stated, a beginner setup in  5 or 6 weight from any of the big rod manufacturers will work--- i know Redington, Scott, Sage and a few others make combo setups for around 200 dollars or so.  I know Cabelas also makes a handful of combo setups, you might want to take a look at those.  

Another thing to consider is what type of fishing do you like to do now? this might give us a better idea of the direction we should point you as far a gear.  how much can you afford to spend?  and also, how much do you fish now?

Another option, (and least expensive, although not always possible) is to find someone whom you know that fly fishes, and tag along with him on a trip.  At a minium, at least get him/her to show you the basics of casting and all the other basic stuff to go with it. You could do this at any fly shop, most guys i know that work shops would be glad to do this for you.  Fly fishing can be a bit more technical than other types of "conventional" fishing and can take awhile to get a grasp of---and without proper instruction it can be downright frustrating at times. The equipment tends to be more expensive and requires time to learn how to use it properly, not to mention the other skills you will need to pick up in order to make it all work for you.  Knots, fly selection, reading water, and different types of casts are all things you will have to eventually learn as you progress.  what im getting at is i would hate for you to go out and drop several hundred dollars on gear and find out that you dont really like it all that much.  My advice is go out, visit some shops, read a few books, talk to a few people and get your hands on a few rods and cast them before you commit yourself to something that might not be right for you.  There is a HUGE amount of information out there on getting started in flyfishing, tap into a few sources before you decide on anything. This is the advice i have given scores of people that used to come into the shop i worked at, and i think its fairly sound.

and if you do decide you like it and want to get started look out---its addictive as heck  lol
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