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Would today be a good fishing day?

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Was wanting to get out and do some warmwater fishing. Even though it looks kind of ugly outside, I heard this is good walleye weather. Was thinking boyd or horsetooth? No boat yet. Any comments?
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Best bet from shore would probably be off the face of a dam. Can be risky
when the rocks are wet and slippery.
The north dam at Horsetooth, outside Satanka Cove, frequently has some eyes hanging around it, plus you can be down there below the wind while fishing from shore. Worth a try.
Any day is a good day for fishing.

But speaking about walleye and today I think it might not be the best. A few weeks after the spawn is over this would be a good walleye day. The overcast skies will help to bring the light sensitive walleye into shallower water for more of the day. The draw back is how will the cold front affect the fish? Precold front or low pressue is generally regarded as good fishing but during or immediately after fishing is regarded as poorer.

So, like I said any day is good day. Like WE said becareful about slippery conditions.

Thanks for the replys. Ended up going to the notrh dam around 10:00 yesterday but not much luck. Then we went to the inlet and caught about 10. Most were only about 16", below the 18" minimun. So yes you are right...anyday is a good fishing day!!!!!!!!!
Dan said:
Any day is a good day for fishing.
I agree with this, the only way you know for sure is if you go.
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