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Wtf moment

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While ice fishing on Saturday, I had what I'm pretty sure was a cutthroat swim up and bite my vexilar transducer. Not once, but twice. The fish only looked around 12-15", I don't know what the hell it was thinking. Anyone else ever had that happen before?​
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Those things are savages, I have seen more of them chase swimbaits than I care to admit.
I was fishing Saturday and pulled my jig up and bunch of water boiled out of the hole and transducer started moving around. I think a fish chased my jig all the way up the hole. Didn't see it though.
I've been laker fishing with decent lakers tubes and pulled cutbows out the hole opposite end of the hook. Really annoying when you know you are wasting time from big fish.
I stayed the night on 11 mile last year and when i woke up at sunup the next morning i looked down the hole and saw about 30+ inch pike biting at my transducer, I grabbed a pole and stuck a spoon down there and it took off. Weirdest thing
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