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Yak Wagon

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I've stated that my fishing time for the last 3 years has dropped to almost nill because of OT at work so on my off day I've been updating the boat, rebuilding/modifying my Jeep YJ, modifying my new Hobie yak and putting together a Yak Wagon. At first I was just going to get an old jet ski trailer and modify it for the Hobie but it would still be out in the elements which I was trying to avoid. I started thinking with an enclosed trailer I could also store my pontoon boat and all the gear for both all together in one place so I could just hook and go and have both vessels with me if needed. By doing this it also freed up a lot of space in my shed for items that are meant to be in the shed...LOL!
I searched CL for months looking for the right deal for me, I didn't want to spend a fortune on an enclosed trailer if I wasn't going to like the way it turned out. I've been thinking about getting an enclosed trailer for a long time thinking about the uses for one as I get closer to retirement so now was the best time. I was online at the moment a gentleman posted a deal that I thought was to good to be true, I contacted him immediately to ask what was the catch. Turns out he just bought this trailer new a couple months before, his plans didn't turn out and had to get rid of it that day. LOL...I asked for his address and told him it was mine if it wasn't wrecked or a scam! The trailer was great, still new and only used twice. After I paid him quickly he stated he guessed he asked to little for it, I told him he could have gotten more than twice as much for it!!! It is a 2017 Lark 6'x14' with barn doors which I wanted. These trailers sell for around $5000.00 off the lot and I paid $2200.00 for it...WINNING!!!

First thing done was getting the wall hangers to hang the yak and toon from the walls. For this I used a couple different sites the best being a site called and YakAttack. Next was to get the E-Track system and accessories hangers which I found at Harbor Freight and KayakDIY and get them in place to utilize the space in the best way. I also installed a DeeZee storage box in the nose to store all the gear for both like fins, boots, suits etc... Above the yak I installed rod holders. in the front corner is storage space for trolling batteries and other gear like a propane grill, sleeping bags and other gear in case I decide to stay the night at the lake I can stay right in this trailer if I do not have the camper on the truck! The biggest thing I found out was to hang brackets and tracks always use the screws already in the walls instead of drilling a bunch of new holes in the plywood walls, you will be moving these items around and plywood putty looks like crap covering unwanted holes! On the front of the trailer I just installed a nose tool box from Harbor Freight to store wheel chalks, straps and other needed stuff.

I'm sure I'm not done with it yet but a good start! Now hope to be able to get out and use it all! Enjoy! :thumb:
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