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Hi All,
I'm a longtime Colorado transplant (1983) and, just retired, have decided to take up fishing. Seriously. Other than the little bit of fishing I did as a kid I know very little about fishing.

I have my dad's old Shakespear spinning real and his old fly fishing reel, too, but I've never fly fished. I also recently purchased a cheap spincaster reel - Zebco, of course. I tried it out from the shore around Sylvan Lake State Park last week. I actually caught an 11" rainbow on a black "Wolly Worm" spinner kind of thing with it after casting about a thousand times in about 20 different places along the shore. Later I saw another spincast guy who just got there and he was just dangling salmon eggs about 10' down right next to the dam and he pulled out several rainbows.

I had talked with the Park Ranger guy prior to this when I got there and he told me that they don't allow "live bait". So when I saw that guy getting trout on his salmon eggs it got me to wondering - are salmon eggs considered "live bait"? I went to the 2016 CO fishing brochure and it only defines "bait". It does use the term "live bait" but doesn't define it anywhere in there.

Also - Given that Colorado is mostly rivers and streams, am I better off starting in with fly fishing right from the get go? I don't have a boat either (yet - heh heh).

I'm heading up to the Roaring Fork area next week for a couple days - Difficult campground. I'm not familiar with the area at all but I've read some stuff online and in the CPW brochure so I know about Gold Medal waters and 16" minimum and catch and release, but, are there any places around there that will afford a spin caster guy a chance? Or is it pretty much you need to be fly fishing to have any success around there?

Thanks in advance for any wisdom imparted.
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