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You effing jagaloons got me hooked on this night walleye fishing BS....

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I hate you all.

After reading neal's report, I got the bug that every stupid fisherman in the front range caught.... so I did a little bit of research, and with help from a few willing people.... I found a spot to wash lures and clean my tackle box.

put in some black metal in the CD player, since walleye being what they are... are unholy demon fish with glowing eyes and nasty teeth. Emperor and behemoth did the job nicely in getting me pumped. Fished from 8 till 11, and at 9:30 right after Zman messaged me, something hit my lure..... I got excited because it was pulling like crazy, and then...

I got pissed. a 17 inch rainbow.

so I moved to another spot, changed lures to something a little smaller.... and then presto!

I missed a few more bites, I was trying to experiment with different retrieves... it seemed I had bites presenting a faster retrieve with subtle pops.

after that, the wind really picked up and I decided it was a good time to head home and have some beers.

So thanks, dicks. Now when I'm in cheyenne for the week... I'm going to purchase a bunch of smithwicks and suspending raps, and go fish in the evenings for these stupid but really tasty fish. probably at horsetooth too. just kidding, I love you shitheads and the walleye reports are really inspiring. keep em coming.
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'Eye eye, Cap'n.

Ulver's "Kveldssanger" helps with style points for the fangfish.

-Lord Solo Man.

A least you got one, I went out Saturday evening and missed two.
I find that starting my 'eye evenings off with 'Enter Sandman' always gets me in the right mood. And then when I get skunked, I drive home with the gentle strains of 'Harvester of Sorrow' wafting out of the speakers.

Welcome to the Dark Side!
Good job Dave least u caught yourself some feeshes.
Great job Big D! Its addicting. Wait until you get skunked a few times and then take "one more shot" and hook into a fatty. Then you will hear the Emperor laughing...
Good job! Wait till you have big one just explode the water at your feet when you are half asleep:thumb:
Didn't I say that every misanthrope should try walleye fishing at night? Less crowded and people tend to be more polite... :D
No joke, linh. Had the whole lake to myself aside from a guy with a headlamp...

Imma try to head back there next week.
'Eye eye, Cap'n.
Yes? Can I help you? hahaha

Nice work Dave, keep it up!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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