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Your opinion about my set up....

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I bought the following:

Shimano Sahara 750 - hit the link below to see it at Bass Pro Online .

And an Ugly Stick LITE 5'6" 4 to 8 pound line.

The reel was 60$
The rod was 40 $

100 bucks, not bad...

Should I just have saved 60 dollars and bought the
Pflueger combo seen here, its only 40 bucks.

How do you like this match up?
Any comments about Pflueger or Shimano would be appreciated????

Thanks for taking the time to look, and I look forward to all comments...... ;D ;D ;D

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I think you should have purchased the 1500 or 2500 sahara. This will give a little more line to play around with. Shimano makes a good reel! Can you say ugly sticks suck! I think BP Bionic is 10x the rod that on sale you can pick up for around 59. Not trying to hurt your pride but you asked.
Exactly, thats the kind of reply Im looking for.
Thank you.....
I gotta agree about the ugly stik, It's like a fiberglass spaghetti noodle using 20+ year old technology...As mentioned above, any of the bass pro or cabelas house rods will beat it for the money. I have a Cabelas Tourney Trail rod on one of my baitcasting setups...IM7, fuji guides and a great warranty. I got it on sale for $40 but I think they're selling for $60 at full price, good value for the money.

I haven't used any shimano reels lately but their stuff is typically well engineered and high quality as long as you stay away from the lowest price points. Their high end stuff (both in fishing and bicycles) is incredible but expensive. I have absolutely no experience with pflueger
The Shimano Sahara is a great reel for the money. Good choice! ;)

The Ugly Stik Lite is an overpriced piece of trash in my opinion. For $40 you could have gotten something much better. I would take a look at the Gander Mountain Guide Series rods if you want to stick to the $40 price tag, or the new St. Croix Triumph rods if you're willing to spend a few more dollars.
wow i am so suprised, no one has an opinion on the ugly stick! ::)
I have owned a few Ugly Sticks, and wont buy another, as for the Plfueger, I own that one and its not bad, but for the money I would see if Bass Pro still has their sale going on for the  Extreme XPS, normally $100 but on sale for $59.99. In my opinion the only better rod you can get is maybe a Browning, or Johnny Morris Signature rod, for $150, with out stepping up to a G-Loomis. I love the BPS rod, great back bone, highly sensitive due to the fact its 60 million modulus contruction, where as I think that an IM-7 is only like 35 million. If nothing else go check out the rods eveyone you talk to likes, you may be looking at 5-10 rods, but will have weeded a lot of others out.
Dump the ugly stick if you are lure fishing, tough to fish all day and very poor for finesse condition, great for bait fishing but others rods can be used for bait fishing.
i agree about browning i have a browning gold medallion rod and reel and to me it's one of the best
I'm a big fan of the GM Guide Series rods....for the money they can't be beat. Their reels aren't half bad, either. I think I picked up GS spinning reel on sale in February for around $20. It feels almost as smooth as the Quantum Energy I have, but for less then 1/5th of the price. A steal in my opinion.

Are there any good reasons to buy a fiberglass pole anymore? You can usually find high modulas graphite at similar prices.
Are there any good reasons to buy a fiberglass pole anymore?
I agree with the general consensus about ugly stiks, but I just put together two custom Kokanee rods which are fiberglass and they kick a$$. Kokanee rods are becoming really popular in the northwest and are an interesting niche item. Most are 7' to 8' with an extra fast action and a light or ultra-light power. The concept is about catching fish less than 5 lbs that can litterally rip their own lips off while fighting to the surface (Kokanee). An extra fast action and ultra light power will absorb a fish diving real hard and the flex will take slack out of your line when the fish runs to the surface. Not to mention that catching trout/kokanee on ultra light action is awesome. I used them at Spinney the other day for the first time and they rocked on the trout.

I highly suggest to anyone wanting to buy some specialty trolling rods to look into some of these.
I like my ugly stix for trolling. have st croixs for baitcasters and a couple of berkly cheerywoods for spinners but the uglysticks are what I use when trolling and they do a fine job of landing the fish we catch in colorado. been using the same uglysticks for 15yrs and they have landed many fish so I would say they work great in certain conditions. If you want more feel then put the uglystick away and get out the high dollar poles
This is what is good about varying opinions!

I think the quality of the outfit you bought is decent - price maybe not so much on the Ugly Stick. What did you buy the outfit for - you didn't mention it in your post? What are you looking to catch? That outfit would be perfect for fish with soft mouths like crappie. The slower action of an Ugly Stick of that size, with 4 lb test line, will help with crappie (and other panfish) and even kokanee in that when you go to set the hook, you won't tear the hook out of the fish's mouth. It's also great for bait dunking for smaller trout for the same reason. A super fast action rod is better for bass. I like a soft action rod for using small jigs for walleye as well.

As far as the size of the reel - what pound test are you going to put on it? For 4lb or 6lb that reel is about right. I rarely fish with anything heavier than 6lb and with that rod, 4 or 6 is about perfect.

For the most part, I build all my rods - there is still a place for fiberglass rods in this world depending on your durability requirements and your fishing requirements/preferences. I especially like fiberglass when rock hopping (like on the rocks at Williams Fork next to the boat launch). I've shattered a couple of graphite rods just by dropping them on a rock. It's a surprise when half of your tip flies off when you cast! Fiberglass doesn't shatter like graphite.

find what YOU like and you'll be happy with whatever you decide ;D
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The most important thing is do you like it. For me it is all about feel. The newr rods can increase your strike to catch ratio alot and a reel needs to be smooth and a great drag. Each setup will depend upon what you are fishing for and the potential size of your prey.
Not sure if anyone had any input about this but I like the Cabelas Whuppin Stick. Kinda a knock off of the Ugly stick. I like them and their only $20.00. I refuse to spend 100's of dollars on a rod.


[me=Jay_In_Parker] [/me]
5'6 lite is a super lightweight setup. good for pan trouts and crappies and small bass. nothing much u can do with this one except for jigging and casting smaller spinners and spoons. crankbait? no way. it'll snap every time or you'll be off balanced with your cast. get a medium setup. i like my poles at least 7' with good flex.
i love my ugly stick and with a 7 year warrenty u cant beat it i have 3 uglys and never had a problem with catching fish i just save my recipts and when the guides break or whatever happens i pay $6.50+recipt and send it back and 2- 3 weeks later brand new one to my door!!!! i have gone through only 2 of them and 1 was cuz i shut it in the car door I glued another eyelet fished with it about 1 month and sent it back no question asked new one to my door.. i have caught a 17 lb blue cat and tons of trout+pike on them......I think a few of us might have just got hit by the UGLY stick if u know what i mean lol good buy from my perspective and use the 7 year warrenty get a nice new rod and have more gas money to go fish
For the money you can't beat the Extreme series combo from Bass Pro this combo is a awsome trolling combo as well as any other fishing condition.
back in the gool ol' days fishing the striper and salmon runs on the Sacramento river, out of the hundred people or so I knew on the river, I'd honestly say that probably 80-90% used Ugly Sticks and Abu Garcia Ambassadeurs. I broke a couple graphite rods on big stripers before I got with the program, and never broke another rod on the river. That was baitcasting, trolling big flatfish, and drifting minnows. I couldn't say about using them for real light tackle. Just my two cents worth... :)
I just bought a 7 ft ugly stick "for my lady" but I had to approve it first. So last weekend I thought I would give it a shot and I was casting out the panther martins all day just fine, it was quite the productive day. i think it depends on the fishermen and their preference for what they are fishing for.
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