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I've become addicted/dependent/sold on using slip bobbers while ice fishing - and not just any slip bobber. The perfect slip bobber is sold at General Tackle in Colorado Springs and is made of yellow closed cell foam fitted with a red snap. You have to trim each bobber to match the weight of the jog so that only about 1/4" of foam is in the water. Let out about 6" of slack and wait. This allows the most skittish fish to mouth the bait and take it without feeling any tension from the rod (or tight line) whatsoever. You set the hook when the bobber is on the way down. It's really slays 'em.

As far as jigs go Ratsos have been working fo rme this year, paddlebugs have died off a bit but still take their share. A good old large Daredevil will spin like crazy and bring them in. When I use wax worms I put two on a hook at a time, just through what I presume is the head - the little dot. That way when I jig it or a fish comes close the two soft waxies beat and flop against each other looking more alive. Hey, bait is cheap! Good luck in the tourney - if I were going to fish it I wouldn't cough up my secrets!
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